1. Contact

Our team, 6168, came up with the idea to organize an alumni reunion party as part of our efforts to expand and grow FIRST throughout Missouri. We believed that by raising awareness among alumni, we could help more people learn about FIRST and encourage former robotics members to come back and lend a hand to their old team. To get the word out, our head coach, Leigh Ann Carpenter, personally reached out to our alumni by sending out individual emails inviting them to join us for the reunion. This approach allowed us to connect with our alumni on a more personal level and create a sense of community that would benefit both current and former team members alike. Through this event, we hoped to foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork that would continue to thrive and support FIRST for years to come.

2. Venue

After potential venues for our upcoming reunion, we ultimately decided to reach out to our trusted and reliable local Lions Club Den member, who we have known and worked with for many years, to inquire about the possibility of utilizing their exceptional facility to host our long-awaited gathering. Upon contacting them and expressing our desire to make use of their space, we were met with nothing but enthusiasm and graciousness as they eagerly offered their support and assistance in ensuring that our event would be a resounding success.


After exploring numerous options for catering our event, we ultimately made the wise decision to entrust the culinary expertise of the Rolla Technical Institute’s esteemed Culinary Arts department to provide food that would be enjoyed by all of our alumni. We were confident that they would go above and beyond in making our alumni food for the party. We also collaborated with the Lions Club, who generously supplied us with an impressive and well-stocked bar that was the perfect. Together, these two exceptional teams delivered a truly unforgettable dining experience that was the highlight of the evening and left everyone with lasting memories of our wonderful reunion.

4. Decorations

Our team got together to decorate the venue, working collaboratively to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere that would make our alumni feel right at home. We all pitched in to make sure that every detail was just right, ensuring that the space had a cool and inviting vibe that would leave a lasting impression on our guests. Thanks to our team’s hard work and dedication, the venue looked amazing and everyone had a fantastic time!

5. Games

We organized a range of fun activities to keep our guests entertained throughout the evening, including classic games like musical chairs and Just Dance, which had everyone laughing and competing in good spirits. To add some extra excitement to the event, we also held a dessert silent auction, offering up a delectable selection of treats that had everyone’s mouths watering. In addition, we took a trip down memory lane by printing out old photos of our alumni and displaying them around the venue, creating a sense of nostalgia and bringing back fond memories of days gone by. These activities helped to create a lively and engaging atmosphere, ensuring that our guests had a memorable and enjoyable evening from start to finish.