13132 Miner Clue

Miner Clue 13132, is an FTC team based at RTI (Rolla Technical Institute) in Rolla, Missouri. We have several members, ranging from 6-year members to first-time members. We started in 2017, as a homeschooler group, our team accepts any homeschoolers, as well some public schoolers.

Homeschool Day @ Capitol

We went to the capitol for Homeschool Day and spoke to over two thousand homeschoolers about FIRST Robotics and what we do. While we were there we demonstrated our robot’s functions and spoke to senators

Boopalooza Event

We also did some more local events, such as the Boopalooza event in downtown Rolla, where we handed out candy to at least two hundred kids.

Rolla Arts and Crafts Festival

We also went to the Rolla Arts and Crafts Festival, where we hosted a robotics board cornhole game for the kids.

Awards Won In Previous Years




This Years Current Challenge (2022-23)