Building the Future, One Bot at a Time

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Skills Learned In Robotics

  • Technical skills: You’ll have the chance to work with cutting-edge technology, such as robotics hardware and software, and learn how to program, design, and build complex systems.
  • Teamwork: FIRST Robotics teams are made up of individuals with a range of skills and experiences, and you’ll learn how to work effectively as part of a team to achieve a common goal.
  • Project management: FIRST Robotics teams are required to design, build, and test their robots in a short time frame, which requires effective project management skills. You’ll learn how to plan, prioritize, and allocate resources efficiently.
  • Communication: You’ll need to communicate effectively with team members, mentors, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.
  • Problem-solving: FIRST Robotics teams face many challenges and obstacles during the design, build, and competition phases, and you’ll learn how to approach these challenges creatively and find solutions.
  • Leadership: FIRST Robotics teams offer opportunities for individuals to take on leadership roles and responsibilities, and you’ll learn how to lead a team, motivate others, and make tough decisions.
  • Time management: With a tight deadline for the completion of the robot, you’ll learn how to manage your time effectively and prioritize tasks to meet the team’s goals.
  • Entrepreneurship: FIRST Robotics teams encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn about starting and running a business.

Thoughts from Alumni

I want to talk about how FIRST impacted my journey towards pursuing a career in engineering and technology. I was introduced to FIRST in high school, and I immediately fell in love with the organization’s focus on innovation, teamwork, and problem-solving. Through my involvement with FIRST, I developed a deep passion for engineering and technology, and this ultimately led me to pursue a degree in STEM. My experience with FIRST is a crucial factor in my journey towards a fulfilling career in engineering and technology.

Evan Barth

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